Digital Ambassadors Program

The Digital Ambassadors Program (DAP) is designed to help spread the word about the Cabo Verdean startup ecosystem around the world. We do this with a little help from our friends - and by friends, we mean people from Cabo Verdean business, science, and arts communities, with international roles or currently working abroad and traveling the globe. Feel free to ask any of them about initiatives in Cabo Verde to support foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Meat the previous Ambassadors

Victor Barros

Victor Barros is one of the most illustrious members of the Cape Verdean diaspora, representing the best of its people's business traits. In 2010, Barros founded it's first company, Systemize Networks, providing IT services to companies all throughout the USA, and in 2018 created its spinoff Systemize Logistics, now in exponential growth. A true Cape Verdean entrepreneur.

Arlinda Peixoto

Engineer by trade, Arlinda Peixoto is a leading role model for all Cape Verdians, having founded the first app developer business Lead by a female entrepreneur in the country, back in 2005. Currently, Peixoto is CEO and owner of ISONE and a Business Angel for local ventures in tourism.

Dino D'Santiago

Dino D'Santiago is one of the new up and coming voices representing the new generation of artistic outputs coming from the Cape Verdean diaspora, merging new influences with traditional krioul references. Living in Portugal is one of the most recognized voices in the country, and has been collaborating with prominent artists such as Madonna.

Elisabeth Moreno

Elisabeth Moreno is the Living proof of Cabo Verde as the gateway to Africa. Vice President and General Manager for HP Inc Africa, Moreno has been awarded by the Cape Verdean government with the 2018 entrepreneur of the year prize, and has been deeply connected to the Cape Verdean diaspora in France.