Web Summit’s founder Paddy Cosgrave visits Cabo Verde, Africa

Paddy Cosgrave, the founder of tech conference Web Summit, will be visiting Cabo Verde, after being invited by the Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva. Cosgrave will arrive on the 10th of February.

The Irish-born entrepreneur will also visit Cabo Verde Tech Park, take part on a meeting with local entrepreneurs and company-owners hacking tech solutions, and will participate in the launch of government initiatives Bolsa Cabo Verde Digital and Kode Verde.Cabo Verde is investing in the future of the country as a tech hub, creating a gateway for Africa through connectivity, nurturing local talent and creating a service platform to foster the structure. For this purpose the government created the national strategy for tech entrepreneurship, Cabo Verde Digital (CVD)

According to the Secretary of State of Innovation and Professional Training, Pedro Lopes, Cabo Verde “wants to showcase the raw potential of the country, to meet the local talent and have a taste of the Governments ambition in creating a hub that could pay tech services to the whole African continent.” The Secretary of State goes even further, saying “this ambition is deeply rooted in Cabo Verde Digital as a strategy for the future of enterprises and young entrepreneurs in the country, with a clear blueprint to set now solutions for the future.”

Cabo Verde Digital as a strategy is a pack of initiatives to foster IT and tech solutions in all the nine islands of the country, setting the bases for a startup ecosystem. On the February the 10th, two programs will be presented in an event with the presence of Web Summit’s founder, Cosgrave:

- CaboVerdeDigitalVoucher
A Government initiative to support 100 youngster and 50 startups with pocket money, mentorship and incubation services alongside universities and IT companies as a way to help young entrepreneurs setting up new tech companies and startups in Cape Verde.

- CodeforAll/KodeVerde
A program consisting in free, intensive training in coding languages. The initiative kicks off in March for Cape Verdian youngster (40% of whom are coming from outside of the capital Cidade da Praia, with accommodation guaranteed during the training). It is set up for unemployed people with less than 35 years of age, fairly fluent in English; besides the training, the program will also support the trainees with employment. Kode Verde is a partnership between Cabo Verde Digital and Academia de Código. More information: www.codeforall.cv

Also on the 10th, in the Island of Santiago, a showcase of projects created by young entrepreneurs will be held, with the presence of the Vice Prime Minister, Secretary of State of Innovation, and Paddy Cosgrave

On the 12th of February, CV Next’s third edition takes place in Sal Island, with the presence of the Prime Minister and the Web Summit’s founder.

For more information – Secretary of State for Innovation and TVET, Pedro Lopes

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